I visited the wonderful City of Montréal 26 April and immediately began missing it when I departed 02 May, 2008.


Most of the six full days were pretty cold (under 60 F) except for the first full day which was about 73 F.

I walked a great deal in Montréal. I found a mobility higher than any other city I have visited. The Métro is a beautiful system of subways and almost every station is uniquely designed.

The city has amazing architecture new and old and is not afraid to use colors. Bright paint and artwork cover ordinary row houses to large buildings and keep things exciting. I was able to find something interesting on almost every street I walked.

As a result I took a total of 909 photos during this vacation and here are about 63 of them.

It is an amazing city I'd recommend anyone to visit.

Scroll down and enjoy.

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